SS15 - Headhunter

Drawing inspiration from her Tangkhul Naga heritage, Awon Golding blends bold colours, beading, feathers and geometric weaving patterns to create a collection inspired by the costuming and artefacts of the Naga tribes of North-East India.
Warriors from Naga tribes would take the heads of their enemies and display them proudly in their homes for all to see. Whilst this tradition has all but stopped, the legacy of this cranial fascination still plays an important role in all aspects of Naga costuming, with the number of hornbill feathers or size of hat illustrating one’s place in society.
Through the medium of millinery Awon seeks to represent Naga culture and shine the spotlight on this little known corner of the globe.
Special thanks to the Pitt Rivers Museum for allowing me to use their extensive collection in the research of this collection. 
Photography: Kirstin Sinclair / Make-up: Isobel Kennedy / Hair: Tasilia Varda / Photography assistant: Pierre Maelzer / Model - Lara Zwirn from Profile Models