Special hat for an NHS hero

Deborah braham wears pom pom beret
Way back in the beginning of this pandemic, when everything was new, scary and confusing, we started getting news about how there were PPE shortages across the NHS. The government wasn’t providing enough for the frontline doctors and nurses that were safeguarding our communities across the country.

It was against this backdrop of fear and uncertainty that NHS doctor, Deborah Braham, jumped into action launching the #VisorArmy, a group of enthusiastic makers eager to help the cause by hand-making medical visors. She mobilised hundreds of people across the country to create thousands of pieces of life-saving PPE. I was one of these makers and Deborah and the visor army gave my lockdown meaning and made me feel like I was actually being useful albeit in a tiny way.

I was delighted when I got an email from Deborah asking if I could make her a hat to wear to her son’s bar mitzvah. Meeting her was like meeting an old friend, she exuded so much warmth and charm. Making this hero of the pandemic a hat has been an absolute honour. I’m so happy with the final piece, it’s hopefully every bit as fun and vibrant as she is.

Thank you to Deborah, all the NHS doctors, nurses and frontline workers for consistently putting our health and safety ahead of your own. You’re all heroes! 👏🏽

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Pom pom beret
Bar mitzvah