'Beast from the East' couldn't stop this wedding!

Nora Kearney wears custom-made Petal Shower in NavyNavy Petal Shower
I work with a lot of brides and mothers-of-the bride/groom and it's always a special experience because I know that the headpiece I make will be forever intertwined with that event. It's immortalised in photographs that will be pawed over by future generations, and cherished as a part of that special life-changing moment. It's an absolute honour to be part of that in some small way. So, when Nora came to see me about making her a piece for her son's Highlands wedding I leapt at the opportunity.
Nora had been looking for the perfect piece to match her tailor-made silk Mackenzie tartan and navy lace dress and hadn't had any luck in the shops. Lucky for me she spotted my Petal Shower in the display at The National Museum of Scotland and instantly fell in love with it. Fast forward a week and she was standing in my studio trying it on. We made some adjustments and agreed on tulle and petals to match her fabric swatches, and away we went. 
Usually once the hat leaves my studio I follow-up to make sure it's arrived okay, and then I get an email after the wedding with photos of my client wearing said piece. Easy-peasy. This time I was taken with the impulse to text Nora a day before the wedding to say best of luck and hope it all goes well, only to receive a harried text back saying it had been a nightmare and that the wedding venue castle had been snowed in and they'd had to rearrange the entire wedding in 48 hours! The 'Beast from the East' had struck!
Unbelievably they managed to pull it all together, book a new venue, reception and everything else that goes with a wedding. Wedding's are stressful at the best of times and I can only imagine the super-human strength it would've taken to get through this nightmare. You can read more on the couple's struggle on the Daily Record, yup, it was such a feat that the newspapers wrote about it! Thankfully it ended with a happy ending, not to mention Nora looking stunning in her outfit topped with my headpiece.