Fascinator-making workshops for fabulous hens

Looking for a crafty idea for your hen do? I recently hosted a fascinator-making workshop at a hen do for a friend. The afternoon was full of laughs and a great focus for some fuzzy heads from the partying the night before. I'm always amazed at how different everyone's headpieces end up being. They really do represent the individual tastes and personalities of the girls.
Best moment of the day was when the father-of-the-bride was asked to pick out the mother-of-the-bride's creation from the 17 pieces on the table...and got it in one! Now THAT is impressive. *Note to all prospective hubbies out there, this is what's expected after 35 years of marriage.
fascinator making hen dofascinators made from vintage flowers and veiling
Step-brothers baby wearing his mum's fascinatorStep-brothers toddler wearing mum's fascinator
flower girls with their hand made fascinators
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